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5, 2013: Up to US0 per person in permitted goods, or its equivalent in other currencies when flying into Mexico.Passengers arriving by land are allowed only 0 of goods per person.We start at the COFEPRIS link “(“Medical Import Permit for Medical Devices for Personal Use”) https://mx/tramites/ficha/permiso-sanitario-de-importacion-de-dispositivos-medicos-para-uso-personal/COFEPRIS702 COFEPRIS uses a Red List, Yellow List, & Green List convention …and there are other twists~details worth reading about at: Dec.

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See these 2 sites to get a sense of what is allowed, and what is required: Aduana de Progreso has confiscated incoming shipments of grease products, including small tubes of water-proof fishing reel grease.We also added a section on items that are prohibited for importation by shipping by common carriers like Estafeta, UPS, DHL, and Fed Ex in a subsection called: Prohibited Items for Importation by Shipping into Mexico Feb, 2013: SAT has issued new rules for importing things. ~ How much should I pay for those additional goods that are not part of my luggage or the 0 flight or 0 auto exemption?Customs brokers are no longer required for private individuals when bringing personal items in by land. 7, 2013 Yucalandia offers the following update to Aduana’s policies on what is allowed for visitors to Mexico as a part of an ongoing series of articles on common issues. ~ Are you planning on driving into Mexico with your household goods?El porcentaje de impuestos que se debe pagar en este caso es de 16% del valor de la mercancía, restando el importe de la franquicia.Mediante este procedimiento se puede importar: Mexico/Paginas/opcion02** Note: SAT’s website (parent agency of Mexican Customs) Item #16 describes 3 pets allowed per person.

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