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He sat next to her during a couple of study sessions watching her raptly as she'd sit there, biting her lip as she tried to fathom the complex equations.He finally screwed up all his courage and asked her out. K." and Dan flushed a brilliant crimson with excitement.For the next couple of months life was good for lucky Dan Flynn. And the kids were right there in the back seat while they were driving through city streets, only ten minutes away from the restaurant! Oh Monica had given him plenty of handjobs in the car before but never at a time like this.

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Joan's hand shot out into the middle of Dan's chest in an impressive stiff arm that restrained him just inches from her parted lips. She reached behind her, opened the door and pulled Dan in with her by the front of his sweater.

Dan felt like she had punched him in the stomach, so acute was his embarrassment. She liked Dan but didn't know if she liked him that much. Once inside she closed the door and pushed him up against it.

Joan held him off like that for what seemed like an eternity. Then she remembered her remarkably improving average in Calculus. Then she plastered herself against him as she claimed him with a searing french kiss.

All the characters depicted in this story are 18 years old or older.

* Danny Flynn was pretty nervous about meeting Joan's parents.

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