Bulgaria dating girls

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In salsa clubs there’s almost always a free girl, sitting there bobbing her head just waiting to be asked to dance.

You would think the PLUR chicks would be a little more excited about talking to an exotic cross eyed guy while rolling their metaphorical balls off.

In a culture where girls are opposed to being dry humped and groped on the dancefloor by perfect strangers, while shaking their asses to the misogynistic lyrics of the latest Lil Wayne club banger, I see a whole lot less reason to spend a lot of time in these clubs.

Salsa or latin dancing clubs turned out to be where the opportunity was in Sofia. Guy-Girl Proportion — XX chromosomes often outnumbered XY in salsa clubs.

If you go out with a group of girls and spend (or equivalent) on liquor for the group you will receive vigorous raggeatton inspired vertical lap dances from the girls all night long, .

In Bulgaria they barely touch each other on the dance floor, the guys buying the bottles are basically just paying to be seen with the girls.

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