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COMSAT communications satellite COMSEC communications security CONDOR (code for simulating microwave and plasma experiments) CONIFER (designates some U. secret documents) CONOPS concept of operations CONS connection-oriented mode network service CONT controller CONTAIN (computer code) CONTR contractor CONT-RM Risk Management Office (Lab Controller) CONUS contiguous United States CONVEX confined vessel experiments CO-OP Undergraduate Cooperative Program COP certification of process COP class of property COP coefficient of performance COR contracting officer representative COR core operations report CORA cost of remedial action CORBA common object request broker architecture CORE common runtime environment COR-FD Contracting Officer Representative - Fire Department (DOE) CORM controlled oxidation of radioactive metal CORRTEX continuous reflectometry for radius versus time experiments COS change of station COS Cray Operating System COSEPUP Committee on Science, Engineering & Public Policy COSL certificate of safe load COSL Chemistry Operations Support Laboratory (Rocky Flats) COSMIC (label for TS NATO information) COSMO (unnamed graded person) COSTIND Commission of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense COTK control track COTR Contracting Officer's Technical Representative COTS commercial off-the-shelf Courtney (not an acronym; SATAN detector) COVA change of vehicle assignment COVE code verification COVI concurrent outer vector inner COVICS covert video communications system COW coldworked, not furnace-sensitized and welded CP - CR CP calibration procedure CP call pay CP change proposal CP charge conjugation/parity transformation CP cold pipe CP column product CP Computer Professionals, Inc.CP conducting polymer CP construction permit/plan CP control point CP coolant pump CP critical power CP Crystal Plaza, Washington, DC CP 2-(5-cyanotetrazolata)-pentaamine-cobalt (III) perchlorate CP Cross Point Star CPA charged particle analyzer CPA contract property administrator C/PA cost/price analysis CPAF cost plus award fee CPAS Current Production & Analytic Support (CIA) CPBX computerized private branch exchange CPC card programmable calculator C/PC closure/post-closure CPCA core program cooperative agreement CPCWQCA California Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act CPD comprehensive program of disarmament CPD coordinated product definition CPD cyclopentadiene CPDF Centrifuge Processing Development Facility CPDS construction project data sheet CPE central processing element CPE charged particle equilibrium CPE circular probable error CPF carcinogen potency factors CPFF cost plus fixed fee CPG central pattern generator CPG Core Planning Group CPI consumer price index CPI cost performance index CPIF cost plus incentive fee CPL confinement protection limit CPM colliding pulse mode CPM computer program protection manager CPM construction/contract project manager CPM construction procedures manual CPM continuous particle monitor cpm counts/cycles per minute CPM critical path method CP/M control program for microcomputers (DEC operating system) CPMB Construction Department (JCI) CPMIEC Chinese Precision Machinery Import-Export. CPO Central Policy Office (ES&H) CPO certified project officer CPP complex privatization plan CPP Compliance Policy & Planning (EPA) CPPM computer protection program manager CPR cardio-pulmonary resuscitation CPR Center for Public Resources CPR comprehensive product record CPR cost performance index CPR critical power ratio CPRA California Public Records Act CPRC construction project review committee CPRF Confinement Physics Research Facility (TA-21) CPRF controlled pinch reversed field CPPSR contractor property system review CPS Compliance Program & Schedule CPS contract personnel services CPSA Consumer Product Safety Act (1972) CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSI configurable Post Script interpreter CPSR Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, CPT cone penetrometer technology CPTR certified proof test report CPU central processing/processor unit CPV cold process verification CPW commercialization planning workshop CPX command post exercise CQD constant-Q spectrometer CQI continuous quality improvement CQM cost quality management CR carriage return CR catalytic reactor CR coaxial resonator CR community relations CR compressor, refrigeration CR conditional release CR conditioned reinforcer CR control rod/room CR Cray Research CRA comment response appendix CRA compressor, refrigerant, air cool CRAC coaxial removable anode cup CRB contract review board CRADA cooperative research and development agreement CRASS correlation reduction analysis subsystem (NRC) CRAVE carcinogen risk assessment verification endeavor CRB Contracts/Contract Review Board CRBR Clinch River Breeder Reactor CRC Coleman Research Corporation CRC Complex Reconfiguration Committee CRC cyclic redundancy check CRD Comments & Response Document CRD confidential restricted data CRD control rod drive CRD creation/revision/deletion request (JCI) CRDC collaborative R&D centers CRDCS control rod drive control system CRDEC Chemical Research, Development, and Engineering Center (U. Army) CRDL contract-required detection limit CRE compressor, refrigerant, evaporative CRE contaminant removal efficiency CREN Corporation for Research and Educational Networking CREOL Center for Research on Electrical Optics and Lasers CRFQS cryogenic radio-frequency quadrupole sparker CRI Cray Research, Inc.Sc.) BSC bomb shape components BSCCO bismuth-strontium-calcium-copper oxide BSD Berkeley Software Distribution (UNIX) BSD Berkeley Software Design, Inc.(UNIX) BSE basic semiconductor equation BSE boresight error BSG base spares group BSI British Standards Institute BSMT basement BSO benzene-soluble organics BSO bismuth silicon oxide BSR base spares report BSRL base spare repair list BST bleed storage tank BST blowdown suppression tank BST boron storage tank BSTS Boost Surveillance and Tracking System BSTS Brumman Satellite BTAG Biological Technical Assistance Group BTEX benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene BTI balanced technology initiative BTI Biomagnetic Technologies, Inc.Some abbreviations or short forms (such as names for code subroutines) are too specialized to be listed in the AML; other short forms may be too well known to need to be included here.Even though an acronym may be included in this list (for example, an office or a program name), CIC-1 cannot guarantee that it is still accurate or in use.

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ANL Argonne National Laboratory ANL-E Argonne National Laboratory-East ANL-W Argonne National Laboratory-West ANM alternate nuclear materials ANN artificial neural network ANOI advance notice of intent ANOVA analysis of variance ANPR advance notice of proposed rulemaking ANRHRD Air, Noise & Radiation Health Research Division (EPA ORD) ANS advanced network and services ANS advanced neutron source ANS American National Standard ANS American Nuclear Society ANS autonomic nervous system ANSI American National Standards Institute ANSS American Nature Study Society AN-SSSR Academy of Sciences (U. K.) ARS acoustic resonance spectroscopy ARS advance record system ARS American Rocket Society ARS amplified response spectrum ARS as required for subject assembly ARS atomic resonance spectroscopy ARS AUTEC Range Services (JCI/Computer Services Corp.) ARS Automatic Route Selection ART aqueous recycle technologies ARTEMIS advanced radio-frequency test and evaluation measurements and interpretation system ARU acid recovery unit ARZ auto-restricted zone Arzamas-16 (site of All-Russian Institute of Experimental Physics) AS - AT AS abstract syntax AS annual summary AS aqueous solution AS area source AS assistant secretary (DOE) AS autonomous system AS aviation safety A&S accident and sickness ASA attribute SAS authority (SAS screen) ASA accelerated safety assessment ASALM advanced strategic air-launched missile ASAP Ariane structure for auxiliary payloads ASAP as soon as possible ASAT antisatellite (weapon) ASB advanced strategic bomb ASC administrative safety control ASCC alternate security control center ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers ASCI Advanced/Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange ASCOT atmospheric simulations over complex terrain ASCOT atmospheric studies over complex terrain ASD Accelerating Structure Development ASE Amplified Spontaneous Emission ASEP Accident Sequence Evaluation Program ASER Annual Site Environmental Report ASESA Armed Services Electro Standards Agency ASG auxiliary steam generator ASHAA Asbestos in Schools Hazard Abatement Act ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers ASI Advanced Simulation Initiative ASIC application-specific integrated circuit ASIS American Society for Industrial Security ASIWPCA Association of State & Interstate Water Pollution Control Administrators ASL above sea level ASL Advanced Simulation Laboratory ASL American Sign Language ASLB Atomic Safety Licensing Board ASLV augmented satellite launch vehicle (India) ASM American Society for Metals A&SM attrition and special materials ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASN.1 abstract syntax language one (ISO/OSI) ASNT American Society for Nondestructive Testing ASNT-TC-LA (ASNT­Personnel Qualifications Standards) ASP administrative site procedures ASP Advanced Study Program ASP alarms and shutdown process ASP Astronomical Society of the Pacific ASPA American Society of Public Administration ASPEA Association Suisse pour l'Énergie Atomique ASPR Armed Services Procurement Regulation ASQC American Society for Quality Control ASR automatic send and receive ASRF Advanced Size Reduction Facility ASROC antisubmarine rocket ASSIGN (parallel program generator; CMU) AST aboveground storage tank AST AVCO Systems Textron ASTAB asynchronous status board ASTHO Association of State & Territorial Health Officials ASTIA Armed Services Technical Information Agency ASTM American Society for Testing and Materiaals ASTSWMO Association of State & Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials ASW antisubmarine warfare AT abnormal transient AT Accelerator Operations and Technology Division; see AOT AT Accelerator Technology Division, 1/78­??

We recommend the prudent use of acronyms in business and scientific writing and the definition of an acronym when it is first used. PLEASE WAIT UNTIL DOWNLOADING IS COMPLETE BEFORE PROCEEDING PDF files for printing: A-F G-L M-R S-Z A Return to Alphabet A absorbance, amplitude, or area A Administrative Division, 7/44­12/46 A air A analysis and assessment A Analysis & Assessment Div., 7/87­10/93 A Assay and Accountability, 9/70­12/75 AA access authorization AA accountable/activity area AA activity area AA adverse action AA affirmative action AA aiming algorithm AA arithmetical average AA assistant administrator AA atomic absorption AA Audits & Assessments Office A3 armor/anti-armor AAA American Arbitration Association AA3 (Accident Analysis Computer Program) AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science AAAV advanced amphibious assault vehicle AACD Financial Administration Dept. Academiae Americanae Socius (American Academy of Sciences) AASM Advanced Air to Surface Missile AASO Army Aeronautical Service Office AAT asbestos awareness training AAUS airborne atmospheric uranium sensor AAW antiair warfare AB - AC A. artium baccalaureus; bachelor of arts A&B (dual lock) A/B air bus ABA American Bar Association ABAQUS (finite-element computer code) ABB Asea Brown Boveri ABC accelerator-based conversion ABC advanced ball concept ABC atomic, biological & chemical ABFEL air-based free-electron laser ABE Army Background Experiment ABES Alliance for Balanced Environmental Solutions ABF ammonium bifluoride ABHX air blast heat exchanger Abk.

Please send additions, suggestions, and corrections to CIC-1/AML at , Mail Stop D416, or fax 505-665-5097. (JCI) AACR Anglo-American cataloging rules AACS airborne activity confinement system AADP Administrative Automatic Data Processing Division, 2/76­3/81 AADT average annual weekday traffic AAEE American Academy of Environmental Engineers AA/EEO affirmative action/equal employment opportunity AAH advanced attack helicopter AALC amphibious assault landing craft AAM airborne activity monitor AAM air-to-air missile AANC Aging Aircraft Nondestructive Inspection Development & Demonstration Center (SNL) AAP affirmative action program AAP asbestos action program AAQS ambient air quality standard AAR affirmative action representative AAR Association of American Railroads AARADCOM U. Army Armaments R&D Command AARC Alliance for Acid Rain Control AARE a-associate response (telecom.) AARQ a-associate request (telecom.) AAS acid addition system AAS atomic absorption spectroscopy A. Abkurzung; abbreviation ABL airborne laser ABL atmospheric boundary layer ABLE activity balance line evaluation ABM antiballistic missile ABM asynchronous balanced mode (telecom.) ABR advanced battery research ABRES advanced ballistic re-entry system ABRV advanced ballistic re-entry vehicle ABS American Bureau of Shipping ABS alkylbenzene sulfonate ABS automatic backup shutdown (system) ABSS average base shear stress ABS-SC automatic backup shutdown of safety computer ABTA Applied Biotreatment Association ABTRES abatement & residual forecasting model ABV auxiliary building ventilation ABW airborne waste AC access control AC accountability measurement (plutonium) AC actual commitment AC advisory circular (also A/C) AC advisory committee ac alternating current (also AC) AC Ancho Canyon (TA-39) AC area coordinator AC (drawing number prefix-inspection instruction) A/C air conditioning (also AC) a.c.

BNWL Battelle (Pacific) Northwest Laboratory BO - BR BO back order BO budget outlay BOA basic ordering agreement BOA blanket order agreement BOA broad ocean area BOC beginning of cycle (reactor operations) BOC Bell Operating Co.

(telecom.) BOCREC bottom-of-core recovery BOD biochemical/biological oxygen demand BOE Bureau of Explosives BOF basic oxygen furnace BOL beginning of life BOM bill of material BOM Bureau of Mines BOP balance of plant BOP basic oxygen process BOP bit-oriented protocol BOR burnout risk BOSARI body of severe-accident review information BOSI body of safety information (database) BOSS Badge Office Security System BOY beginning of year (balance for goods and services on order) BP back propagation BP before present BP borrowed personnel B&P bid and proposal BPA blanket purchase agreement BPA borrowed personnel agreement BPA Bonneville Power Administration BPE barometric pressure evaluation BPH benign prostatic hyperplasia BPI base performance/percentage increase BPJ best professional judgment (CWA) BPM beam position monitor BPN breakdown pulse noise BPO Bartlesville Project Office BPR burnable poison rod BPR business process reengineering BPS basic partitioning scheme bps bits per second BPSA beam power spectrum analyzer BPT best practical technology/treatment B&PV boiler and pressure vessel B&PW boiler and pressure vessel code (ASME) BR breeder reactor BR BR Site (TA-47) BR business roundtable B&R budget and reporting (code) BRACC Base Realignment & Closure Commission BRASS Basic Rapid Alarm Security System BRC below regulatory concern BRC budget and reporting classification BRC business reply card BRCC Blue Ribbon Citizens' Committee BRD Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of [West] Germany) BRITE Basic Research in Industrial Technologies Europe BRL Ballistic Research Laboratory BR-3 (experimental power reactor in Belgium) BRS Bibliographic Retrieval Service BS - BZ BS beam splitter BS boiler, steam BS broadcast satellite BSA balance sheet account BSA Business Software Association BSAC Biotechnology Science Advisory Committee B. baccalaureus scientiae; bachelor of science (also B.

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