I kissed dating goodbye memorable quotes

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While the girls are angry at first, they decide to forgive Jenny rather than give power back to Blair.Soon after, Jenny begins dating Asher Hornsby, a student at Unity (Desperately Seeking Serena).In Victor Victrola Jenny admits what happened at the ball to Blair, who fires her from being a minion.

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At a joint party Asher and Jenny throw together, Blair and Eric reveal Asher's sexuality to everyone.

He admits that he is still in love with her and kisses her before Jenny is able to get away.

On her way out, Blair discovers that Jenny attended and defied her orders.

Jenny appeared as a member of the main cast through seasons one through three and was downgraded in the fourth season to a recurring character. Jenny is the daughter of Rufus and Alison Humphrey and the sister of Dan.

When the story begins, Jenny is a freshman at Constance Billard and consistently vying for Blair's attention and approval.

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