Joseph mazzello dating

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Like every actor in the series, Mazzello was required, long before shooting began, to become an armchair expert in his subject.

Spielberg's office therefore sent him "several crates" of research material about the conflict, together with footage of every TV interview his subject had ever done.

"Boot camp lasted 10 days, and in that time I lost 12 pounds," Mazzello recalls.

In the years that followed, he scored big, demanding roles in movies such as Shadowlands (1993), where he played CS Lewis's stepson, and The River Wild (1994) in which he was Meryl Streep's son, Roarke.

It was apparently the only place the costume designers could find old-fashioned looms that would produce fabric of the correct texture.

We've seen this obsession with detail before, of course, on Band of Brothers.

It was produced by Spielberg, whom Mazzello fondly describes as his mentor.

While this is his first major interview for over a decade, it's unlikely to be his last.

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