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Records of this age are incomplete at best, and little of the Salamanders' actions or the deeds of their Primarch are preserved.

The fielding of only seven, over-strength companies by the Chapter is one example of this, though in other respects the Chapter is largely compliant with Roboute Guilliman's tome.The ultimate fate of the Salamanders' Primarch is a matter of much conjecture, for he disappeared many years after the Horus Heresy.Some sources state that Vulkan led his Chapter for three entire standard millennia before he departed on some mission he never declared to the Imperium at large, though scant evidence of any of his deeds throughout that age remain.The story of the Salamanders and the legend of how their Primarch Vulkan was reunited with the Emperor is one of the few stories from the time of the Great Crusade told in a coherent form across many different worlds of the Imperium.How much of the so-called Promethean Opus is factually accurate is unknown, and in many ways unimportant.

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