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Its Latin identity was illustrated by the crest, which was based on the legend of the founding of Rome, where a she-wolf nursed Romulus and Remus.

Juventus inherited the stadium and the red and blue colors of Romcomit.

After a "resuscitation" (1972–73, 15th place occupied after five rounds, the 4th place at the beginning of the winter break), 1973 was quite weak year.

In 1974, the people from Ploiești suspected a match fixed between Argeş Pitești and CFR Cluj, in favor of the team from Cluj-Napoca, it was supposed that Petrolul officials have tried to financially stimulate the host, but the authorities discovered the plan and the team has discreetly relegated to Divizia B, this happened in the conditions in which in 1963 Prahova Ploiești and Carpați Sinaia, other two teams from Prahova County were relegated by the Romanian Football Federation to Divizia B due to match fixing.

Wismut Karl Marx Stadt qualified further after winning the play-off 4–0 in Kiev.

That was also the season when the present-day name of Petrolul Ploiești was adopted.The club holds notable rivalries with Rapid București and Astra Giurgiu.The team was founded in Bucharest in late 1924, when Romcomit and Triumf merged into what would become one of the most notable clubs of the capital during the interwar period, Juventus București.After the reorganisation of the Romanian division structure, the club played seven consecutive campaigns in the Divizia A, from 1933 to 1940.Following World War II, they were promoted once again to the top tier, having finished first in the final Divizia B season prior to the outbreak of war.

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