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Speaking to the Ask Women section of Reddit people around the world recalled their most cringe-worthy office party anecdotes, from the woman who smacked the bottom of a man she later learned was her new boss' son, to the co-workers caught taking sneaky selfies in the CEO's office.

The thread began after a user under the handle 'liamhenry403a' asked women to share the most embarrassing things they've done at a Christmas office party.

Except she was wearing a really short dress and exposed her bare cheeks to the entire staff in attendance.But one woman has taken a different approach on Tinder, and her hilarious honesty has caused her profile to go viral on Reddit.Posted by user You Bih, the woman's Tinder profile bio simply says, 'I gag on my toothbrush so don't get excited'.When it comes to online dating apps, the majority of singletons try to project the most universally appealing version of themselves to bag the most matches.From super flattering selfies to including not so subtle humble brags in the bio section, everything counts when it comes to being swiped right.

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    If the camera on one block doesn’t get a good look at you, there’s sure to be another on the next block with a better angle.

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    Jeg har nogle følelser for hende, men jeg tror, at det i virkeligheden er af samme type omsorg, som jeg har for min jævnaldrende niece.