Sara bareilles dating life

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She even wrote a song “ Manhattan” stating her desire to move to NYC with him.

Caption: Sara with her ex-beau Dunn(2014) Currently, Sara is single, has no husband and has a straight sexual orientation.

" -- has scored 1.1 million You Tube views in less than a month.

And after setting up "The Blessed Unrest" with a short headlining run through mid-May, Bareilles will join One Republic for a co-headlining tour beginning Aug. Bareilles says that she's looking forward to playing her new music live, but her favorite part of the album rollout thus far has been the "I Am Brave Enough" campaign, which prompted fans to share their own courageous stories through downloadable postcards that were then posted on Twitter and Instagram."There was everything from 'I'm brave enough to fight this brain tumor' to 'I'm brave enough to come out to my conservative family,'" Bareilles says.

But has this love story girl secretly fallen in love? The lady has been surrounded by an enormous question about her love life, so we are getting into the bottom of the story and finding what the truth actually is?

The songwriter released her song album “I Choose You” where she has helped two couples of different sex and same sex couple express their love for one another and find a perfect wedding engagement.

The source even disclosed about her heating relationship.

The first day we sat down together was the day we wrote 'Brave.'"Released to digital retailers as the lead single on April 23, "Brave" has sold 160,000 downloads and peaked at No. But those songs each took several months to bloom into ubiquitous hits, and the strategy will remain the same for "Brave," which has been pushed to adult radio and will be crossed over to pop in the weeks prior to "The Blessed Unrest's" release.

"I felt antsy when thinking about coming from the same angle [with this album]," she says.

"Like, 'OK, I'm going to sit down at the piano and write some songs, then I'll pick a producer.' The whole methodology being a mirror image of what had come before just wasn't feeling exciting."From a commercial standpoint, Bareilles didn't necessarily need to rejigger that image: After breaking out in 2007 with the pop smash "Love Song" (3.6 million downloads, according to Nielsen Sound Scan), she scooped up more fans with "Kaleidoscope Heart" as well as with a judging stint on NBC's "The Sing-Off." But like a star pitcher retooling her fastball in the off-season, Bareilles decided to evolve her proven approach for "The Blessed Unrest," due July 16 on Epic Records.

Recorded during the past six months, the album showcases the expansive energy of Manhattan life while touching upon heavier themes than heartbreak.

"Chasing the Sun" is a song about mortality, while first single "Brave" was written for a friend struggling to come out as gay.

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