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Daryl refuses to relent; Glenn's dead and that's on his hands. Armed soldiers drag Madison, Travis and Alicia past dismembered corpses into a military fuel depot.We learn what happened to him following our initial encounter back in season 6 (AKA how he acquired that facial burn) and it's not pleasant - he permitted his wife to marry Negan in exchange for mercy after they absconded.The episode tugs on the notion that Dwight's fast becoming a man forced to commit acts he's becoming increasingly disgusted by (lest we forget he's the one who shot the arrow through poor Denise's eye) - being in Negan's good books means you're expected to shoot traitorous clan members as casually as you concoct sandwiches, you see. If so, the feeling can't be shaken that the big man himself knows adding a razor-sharp edge to the duo's interplay.The Infected turns, and the soldiers settle their bets.

Here is a location fuelled by fear and respect not to mention a points systems that should be obeyed unless you want to be killed, chained up as a walker and made an example of.He’s impressed by Travis’ Maori “warrior” heritage. Troy shrugs and declares that “everyone here dies.” Madison searches the office for a weapon.Alicia gives her a knife that she hid in her boot before they were taken prisoner.Travis watches as soldiers shoot a prisoner in a bathroom.He’s then taken to a holding area where he sees Nick, along with a wounded Luciana.

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