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The question is, what can men do to feel better about masturbation?

One thing's for sure, men will do it, whether or not they feel guilty or bad about it.

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Only the sexually weird and the socially or emotionally disturbed would try and tell a teenage boy that masturbation is abnormal or sinful. I know that seems strange in light of how we traditionally see men and the subject of sex drive, satisfaction, ejaculation and masturbation, but it is true. Not so good for the men who suffer from this condition, known as delayed ejaculation.Well, there never was going to be a less effective instruction to a boy than that!But of course the consequence of our mothers' difficulty with our innocent sexuality when we were babies may be that the experience and enjoyment of our own bodies is taken away from us, or we are made to feel ashamed in some way of our maleness and what we can do with it: hardly a good position from which to achieve true emotional health.In spite of what you might have heard (either from friends or adults) masturbation is completely safe.It does not affect the size of your penis nor your ability to have an erection, or to have children later in life. If you can read this, you are old enough to masturbate! Most boys begin to ejaculate semen between 12 and 15, although for some it's earlier or later.

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